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Norristown Garden Club Floral Design and Horticulture Entries

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Flower Show

March 2 - 10, 2024

Club Exhibit Chaired by Deb Webb and Gail Jurikson-Rhodes First Place, Second Place, and Maintenance Award - Garden Room -

Cherie Nobil First Place and GCFP Special Achievement Award Miniature Arrangement "Embrace"

Susan Irwin Second Place Miniature Arrangement 'It's a Blast"

Cherie Nobil Second Place Small Niche "Happiness is... Sailing"

Barbara Leiby Second Place Open Platform Stretch Design "Linked"

Melissa Bullitt Second Place Botanical Arts Jewelry Charm Bracelet "Gardener's Bounty"

Melissa Bullitt Third Place Miniature Arrangement "Embrace"

Maria Jacobs Third Place Miniature Arrangement "Interwoven"

Beth Bynon Second Place Fern (pterodophyte)

Meg Gaibiselis Second Place Phalaenopsis Hybrid

Olafs Gaibiselis Second Place Crassula Ovata "gollum"

Andrew Gaibiselis Third Place Crassula Ovata "gollum"

Beth Bynon Third Place Hatiora Salicornioides

NGC Floral Design and Horticulture Entries 

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Flower Show  

 March 4 - 12, 2023


Norristown Garden Club won the Rosemarie P. Vassalluzzo Artistic Sweepstakes Trophy!

Cherie Nobil First Place Small Niche "Seeing Stars"

Barbara Stoebenau Second Place Miniature Arrangement "Closed Circuit"

Jayne Price Third Place Medium Niche "Alternating Current"

Melissa Bullitt Close-up of Sunglasses

Melissa Bullitt First Place Botanical Arts Jewelry Class "Rose Colored Glasses"

"Dynamic Duo" Back of Dress

Maria Jacobs (and non-member Wendy Fox) Winner of National Garden Clubs, Inc. MEDAL FOR DESIGN "Dynamic Duo" Front of Dress

"Dynamic Duo" Hat

Melissa Bullitt First Place Miniature Arrangement "Radiant"

Cherie Nobil First Place and Blue and Gold Rosette Miniature Arrangement "Zapped"

Barbara Stoebenau Third Place Backed Pedestal, Diagonal Design "Shock Wave"

Meg Gaibisellis Third Place Phalaenopsis in a Teacup Horticulture Entry

Meg Gaibiselis Third Place Crassula Ovata 'Gollum' Horticulture Entry

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